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Made in Sample ( mis ) is a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities through a variety of programs and initiatives. Our signature sustainable patchwork exemplifies a commitment to environmentally responsible design while retaining the heart and quality of handmade work. Our design innovation extends the life cycle of material and redefines its value.  Made in Sample advocates a simple but lively lifestyle without compromising the well being of the environment and others.


Recycle System

Do you know where our fabric samples come from? Let’s take a journey behind the colorful patchworks and discover how we gave new life to these tiny piece of samples.

Color System

Why do our patchworks feel so calm and harmonious? The challenge is to sort out and categorize each and every color. Colors could be differed with slight difference in tint and tone, and even under changing lighting.

Local Craftsmanship

A group of masters is found nowhere else in the world but here - at our home. These sewing masters have integrated the lost history into our patchwork masterpiece, that is produced right here in Hong Kong.