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Every season, interior design companies and architecture firms accept thousands of material samples from material suppliers, yet they toss away the same amount of older samples. It’s hard to imagine how many rolls of wallpaper and piles of quality fabric swatch are being kept in a material room untouched and being sent to the landfill just that. We’ve put a huge question mark on this industry norm.  



As an interior designer, I create glamorous space to improve living environment and enhance the enjoyment of everyday life; but behind the scene, I get to see how ridiculously we consume and waste.

Through Made in Sample, I aim to think more for the future in everything we do, and to rediscover the forgotten beauties in our surroundings.

- Clive Sit



A sample is a piece of interior decorative materials that has never been used. It is a small piece of swatch taken from an existing fabric to represent a larger whole, which allows designers to imagine the type of material use and how it will look in reality. Our sustainable patchwork is made with luxurious high quality fabric samples imported from European countries and North America, and their beautiful details translate so well into our products.




Our concept calls for smart designs to collect, remanufacture and reuse, turning abandoned materials into stylish, comfy and modern everyday goods that can be returned back in the interior space, leading to a more sustainable lifecycle in the interior design industry.


we recycle

we recycle

we recycle