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Color System


Each small piece of fabric samples end up in our hands, after a long journey. They come in all sorts of fun colors and sizes, but organizing hundreds of thousands of fabric swatches is a horrendous process. Our inspiration comes from the vibrant colors of fabric samples, so in order to make use of them efficiently, we began to learn about colors and study the color theory. We’ve developed a classification system to re-categorize fabric by its pattern, texture, color tone, brightness, and saturation.


While our society measures quality lifestyle by materialism, we want to create a timeless monotone that celebrates simplicity and harmony in our everyday living. Therefore, the unique combination of shades, the mix of textures, and the aesthetic feeling of each individual product are all a result of our dedicated effort and sensibilities.


sampler's NOTE

It does not require any art or design related background, we hope that people can come and enjoy discovering something new and special in the piles. You will be surprised that this process is actually very soothing, it somehow brings rest for my mind, joy for my soul.


Simplicity is bliss

Color classifying is a critical step for the preparation of MIS production. By classifying fabric samples into different color groups, it helps us to visualize how the samples compliment each other. The more precise a color group is, the more effortless monotone our product brings.



A systematic color library provides a visual ground and easy access for our designer to create patchwork patterns and imagine new products.