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Made in Sample ( mis ) is a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities through a variety of programs and initiatives. Our signature sustainable patchwork exemplifies a commitment to environmentally responsible design while retaining the heart and quality of handmade work. Our design innovation extends the life cycle of material and redefines its value.  Made in Sample advocates a simple but lively lifestyle without compromising the well being of the environment and others.


founder's note

As an interior designer, I create glamorous space to improve living environment and enhance the enjoyment of everyday life; but behind the scene, I get to see how ridiculously we consume and waste.

Through Made in Sample, I aim to think more for the future in everything we do, and to rediscover the forgotten beauties in our surroundings.

- Clive Sit




While our society measures quality lifestyle by materialism, we want to create a timeless monotone that celebrates simplicity and harmony in our everyday living.

deep down
our root


Every sewn patch embodies the Hong Kong symbol of self-reliant, hardworking, and entrepreneurial spirit inherited from the 60s’ 70s’ industrialists and workers.

Every simple cut creates a renewed sense of purpose for the forgotten member of our society.

you've got sample ?

are you a NGO ?


" be a good sample ! "